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Wow. Mid-American Review has accepted my long poem, "Triptych: About Suffering" for their Spring 2015 issue. This poem is near to my heart--the first I've written touching on my brother's deployment to Iraq, where he was wounded.

"For My Daughter," received an Honorable Mention in New Millennium Writings' Poetry Contest. The poem will appear in Issue 38 (Spring 2015). So glad to see this poem in such a good home. Many thanks to the editors.

I'm honored that my poem "Trespass" is forthcoming in Spring 2015 from the wonderful Autumn House Press' Coal Hill Review magazine.


Michelle's Spring 2015 Workshops are FULL.

Upcoming Workshop in Fall, 2015: Poetry of Food (and Forage): From Farm to Plate.


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Praise for Michelle's writing

...beautifully paced revelation of a lonely boy's guilt over the accident that destroyed his family and shaped his later life... This little masterpiece stands out...

-- Kirkus Reviews





A carefully plotted story...Told in a restrained, thoughtful voice, "Backfire" is sad and shocking and inevitable--scary, indeed."

-- Jane Smiley, author of Good Faith


Most admirable is the lyrical sweep, the way in which the language sings its sensuous, cinematic details...the Whitmanesque accretion of minutely observed images, the interweaving of short and long lines, and the abundant musicality...

                                -- Philip Terman, author of The Torah Garden


Michelle Regalado Deatrick evokes compassion, laughter and horror as she leads her readers down paths of memory toward the story's heart-wrenching denouement.

-- The Fort Scott Herald-Tribune



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